Fit for Life
Andrew Phelka is a
fitness and nutrition
expert who combines
education, experience
and passion to bring you
the correct and effective
information on attaining
world-class fitness and
nutrition.  With a
background in
biochemistry and
nutrition at the University
of Michigan and as a
competitive athlete,
customizing programs
for you and answering
questions about all
aspects of fitness and
nutrition is his purpose.
Andrew Phelka
Nutrition and Fitness Consultant
Are you looking for those elusive answers about food, exercise and athletic
performance that seem to change with each new diet book, fad and exercise craze?  
Andrew uses a scientific approach to sort through myths and filter out misleading
information to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date path for achieving your
conditioning and food intake goals.

If you seek better physical vitality, more energy, increased competitive success and a
healthier, longer life, you are in the right place.  Andrew’s passion for positive
permanent life change through proper fitness and nutrition will get you there.